Sticky Android Apps.

What makes apps Sticky? its a balance of three factors...

Sticky apps thrive on the thin line between being useful and arousing our primal needs. It takes a lot of precision and experience to understand how this process works in each scenario. Just as a gecko has sticky palms, we make apps stick to their users.

Useful means that the app brings value to the user. Its a digital supplement to daily routines. Just as a gecko is useful coz he eats irritating mosquitoes, we aim to remove the frustrations users might have.

More than often people use smartphones in short bursts to fulfill a specific task. The statistics for tablet use show that these periods of time tend to be longer and mostly during the evenings. An app should respond with a fast and convenient user interface to achieve the intention of a user. Just as a gecko's tongue flicks out to catch those bugs!

There are more than 500 million Android phones worldwide

More than 1 million Android phones are activated daily