Sticky Mobile Apps.

Who am I?

👋 I'm Marcin
I ❤️ & 🛠 Mobile (Android, iOS).

I work remotely for 10+ years now. I have a highly optimized office and healthy routines (no facebook account also :)

I have experience in taking ownership and delivering mobile product/layer solo.
I have experience in building remote teams from scratch (hiring included).
I also have experience in leading small teams (2-5 people).

• ❤️ Kotlin (MVVM, Multimodule, Couroutines, Flow, LiveData, Room)
• ❤️ Swift (SwiftUI, Combine, Realm)
• 💙 Flutter

• Sketch

Product | Entrepreneurship
I can go from a napkin sketch to a shipped product (design & branding included).
With 10+ years of mobile expertise, I know what makes an excellent mobile app.

Check out my side projects as examples:
ManyHats (cross-platform Flutter)
NeuraCache (native Swift / Kotlin)

See other mobile products that I have created or was a part of
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Note: I work remotely only.

Fun Facts:
In 2010, I sold most of my stuff and went by land from Poland to Malaysia. It took me six months.

I used to do 3d animations in high school.